Looking for Vibrating Panties?

Vibrating panty also referred to as vibrating undies or vibrating thong is a simple type of clitoral hands free vibrator that’s used mainly by the females with the aim of receiving sexual stimulation. The vibrating panties feature a vibrating element that is inserted in conjunction with a female part of lingerie. The vibrating bullet is situated against the female clitoris and labia (genitalia). Some penetrative sex-toys are also attached from the inner-side of the panty for stimulating your vaginal erogenous zones. The panty is intended for holding the vibrator in the right place, whilst activating and in many scenarios for wearing-it comfortably under your clothes.

The different types of vibrating panties/thong that are manufactured by the sex-toy industry include:

Remote control vibrating panty

It’s a discreet vibrator that is operated from a remote-control device that can work at a distance (several meters). The vibrator is remote controlled by their partners or users during masturbation or during foreplay. Some women also wear the remote control vibrating panty under their clothes and turn the vibrating-bullet on wherever they feel or wish.

Crotchless vibrating panty

This model is solely designed for use during the sexual intercourse. The crotchless vibrating panties are meant for easy-access to the genatalia, with a vibrating-bullet massaging the clitoris.

Vibrating panties with removable bullet

Some vibrating features of the panties are simply designed for using and removing in any erotic activities. The vibrating bullet is then inserted into a special-hidden pouch that is placed in the inner-side of the panties. However, there are also vibrating bullets that are attachable and can be used with any G-strings, thongs or panties. The vibrating bullet is operated by a small battery.

Last but not least vibrating panties are made from the normal-fabrics that are used in manufacturing the female lingerie (mesh, nylon, leather, cotton etc…as well as latex). In all scenarios the fabric is stretchable to fit every sizes and comfortable even when worn for extended period of time.